Collection: Thomson & Scott

Amanda Thomson, CEO and founder of Thomson & Scott, was voted one of Business Insider's coolest people in Food & Drink 2019. In anticipation of the transition to non-alcoholic consumption, Thomson recently launched the revolutionary Noughty : the first premium product sparkling quality non-alcoholic, organic, vegan, halal, low sugar. ‍Amanda is also leading the debate for greater transparency in wine production and labelling. Raised on a plant-based, sugar-free diet by her health conscious mother, Thomson has always had a keen interest in the issue of label transparency. First Arts Presenter at the BBC, Thomson then moved with her young family to Paris and studied the Wine & Management Diploma at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu school, where she was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2017.

Thomson & Scott now sells to the world's hottest bars, restaurants, hotels and spas, in key markets including Australia, Europe and North America.