Collection: Livia Fontana

The vine has always been cultivated by the Fontana family; Livia, father Ettore's heir and now at the helm of the cellar, recalls that once upon a time, for the peasant realities of the area, it meant subsistence.

Today is already the future, and everything revolves around viticulture: since 1820, the bonds between generations have been consolidated in the cellar. Michele (in charge of production and winemaking) and Lorenzo (in charge of communication and positioning of the wines) follow the path of mother Livia along a path projected towards tomorrow.

Roles intertwined in the shadow of the rows, close in an exchange of knowledge transmission, in a communion of intentions and values, towards a high goal: to create a wine that is a balanced synthesis between tradition and new knowledge.

Gently surrounded by the municipalities of Barolo, la Morra and Monforte d'Alba, the Livia Fontana winery is located in Castiglione Falletto, in the heart of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato area.

There are three crus cultivated by the company among the harmonious hills of Lower Piedmont, each known and personally cared for for generations: Mariondino, Villero and Bussia. In these vineyards the three Barolos of Livia Fontana are born.