Collection: Pierre Meurgey & Meurgey Croses

With roots in both Mâcon and Beaune, Piere Meurgey is the fourth generation of a family of passionate Burgundian winemakers. A former director of operations of a well-known négociant in Beaune, Pierre enjoys friendships with the best vintners and vineyard managers in Burgundy to source the best grapes for his two labels Pierre Meurgey and Meurgey-Croses, the latter a tribute to his mother Marie-Thérèse Croses. Pierre is omnipresent in the vineyards: from pruning to budding, up to the harvest, offering his expertise in organic and biodynamic agriculture and supervising the plots, destined to become his signature wines of the Cote d'Or and Mâconnais.

Pierre's purist philosophy evolved at Meurgey-Croses, with the belief before that the Maconnais and its unique regions will be home to an entirely new renaissance for white Burgundy production.