Collection: Domaine Rémi Niero

Rémi Niero started working alongside his father in 2004 and today he is in charge of the domaine together with his wife Krystel. They are the third generation of winemakers and continue the tradition of creating refined and pure wines with the varieties of Viognier and Syrah. This is one of Condrieu's original domaine, and is located on the oldest vineyard in the appellation, above the village itself. The domaine already existed 45 years ago, when the entire appellation was only 8 hectares of vineyards (now it is 160 hectares), under the surname of Rémi's mother, Pinchon.

Today at the helm of the company Rémi Niero succeeds his father Robert, who passed on to him from an early age all his savoir-faire and his passion for viticulture.

Despite the demands of this terroir of terraced hills, his efforts are rewarded by the authenticity and natural balance of the wines of Domaine Niero. Developed throughout its history by Jean, Robert and Rémi, the estate now extends over the vineyards of Côte-Rôtie and Saint-Joseph, thus offering an assortment of cuvées from the most beautiful appellations of the Rhône Valley.