Collection: Château du Cèdre

When the First World War was declared in 1914, Léon Verhaeghe was among the millions of Belgians who fled. He crossed France by bicycle and, after a journey of 550 miles, found refuge in Le Boulvé. Later, his son, Charles, fell in love with and married Marie-Thérèse Rives, whose family owned a traditional multi-crop farm in Vire-sur-Lot. The couple planted the first hectare of vineyard in 1958. This soil, characterized by limestone scree cones, remains one of the finest on the estate. The self-taught Charles and Marie-Thérèse Verhaeghe bottled their wine for the first time in 1973, in parallel with the distillation of lavender.

His children have been following the work in the vineyard and cellar for 35 years now. Pascal was trained in viticulture and winemaking by Jean-Marie Guffens (Burgundy). Jean-Marc had then graduated from the Tour Blanche of Sauternes. Together they had the knowledge and skills to manage the estate. Producing high quality wines has become their priority and the pursuit of excellence, a common goal. They obtained organic certification in 2012 after years of practices that began in the early 1990s, and in 2014 they began producing natural wines.

Over the years, Pascal has carried out numerous trials and innovations to unleash the maximum potential of the Malbec grapes grown on the Cahors soil.