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Château du Cèdre

Château du Cèdre - L'Improbable 2022

Château du Cèdre - L'Improbable 2022

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Château du Cèdre - L'Improbable 2022
Vin de France

A fascinating and innovative blend of Rosé (bloodletting) and Red (direct pressing) winemaking methods resulting in an easy yet intriguing drinking wine

100% Malbec

Limestone scree cones and high Mindel terraces

Age of the vines
From 15 to 30 years

Grapes harvested at perfect ripeness
Assembly of bloodletting method and direct pressing
No oenological input and fermentation in old barrels

On the yeasts for a year in the same barrels

Minimum use of sulphites in bottling

Residual sugars: zero

Alcohol content: 13.5%

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