Collection: Château Forge Celeste

The wines of Château Forge Celeste have their roots in the terroir of Saint-Emilion. This internationally renowned temple of taste is a village with a rich historical heritage, surrounded by a hilly ecosystem that Karine and Matthieu Verhaeghe fervently protect. Dedicated to natural agriculture since 2001, they look to the future, respecting the land around them. They boast the USDA organic certificate, the strictest ever.

Pioneers of organic fermentation, they work in harmony with the lunar cycle to create their wines and offer a unique and natural tasting experience. The grapes of the Château Forge Celeste, grown on siliceous soil, are harvested in a natural way, according to processes that favor time and the diversity of nature. Vinified without the use of sulphites, this highly pure wine reveals the benefits of its biological heritage during the tasting. This Saint-Emilion illustrates the perfect balance of grape varieties with 80% merlot, 20% cabernet franc and 100% sulphite-free organic wine.