Collection: Terralsole

Terralsole is a small family-run winery. It was founded in 1996 by the inspiration of the oenologist Mario Bollag and his wife Athena Tergis: two artists who have managed to intertwine the love of visual arts and music with their passion for winemaking. We find this harmony in the full-bodied and balanced wines, coming from the 12 hectares of Terralsole vineyards, located in two different terroirs of Montalcino.
The Pian Bossolino vineyards surround the cellar and Villa Terralsole, which is located at 350 meters on the south-eastern slope of Montalcino and enjoys a cool climate and excellent ventilation. The vines grow slowly and uniformly, thus giving rise to expressive aromas and elegant flavors in the wine. The Fonte Lattaia vineyards, on the other hand, are located lower down at 230 metres. Its unique terroir of marine deposits and clay ensures that the vineyard remains balanced despite the hot and dry climate of the south-western side of Montalcino. Here the Sangiovese is rich, majestic and structured.