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Livia Fontana

Livia Fontana - Barbera d'Alba DOC Superiore 2020

Livia Fontana - Barbera d'Alba DOC Superiore 2020

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Livia Fontana - Barbera d'Alba DOC Superiore



Grape variety: Barbera

Production area: Castiglione Falletto, altitude 300-350 masl

Surface: approx. 3 hectares

Harvest: manual in baskets with selection of bunches from mid-September to early October..

Vinification: selection of the grapes on a vibrating table, soft pressing, fermentation in steel tanks at a controlled temperature with frequent pumping over and délestages. Maceration of about 15 days.

Refinement: about 30 months in traditional oak barrels and then in bottles in the underground cellar with controlled temperature until sale.

Organoleptic characteristics: the color is a bright ruby ​​red; the scent is very intense, rich and fruity. The cherry is immediately present and then fades into berries. Notes of sweet spices such as cloves and timut pepper, balsamic sensations in the finish. In the mouth it is fresh with a good initial sapidity, full-bodied and well balanced with a long and persistent finish.

Gastronomic combinations: the full and intense wine with a nice sensation of freshness and sapidity can be combined with dishes that have a good structure and a sweet tendency with a possible part of fatness such as for example: agnolotti del plin with napkin or with roast sauce; red beet risotto and robiola sauce; escalope of foie gras.

Serving temperature: 16°C.

Conservation: keep the bottles lying down in rooms with a possibly constant temperature. It is a ready-to-drink wine and can be kept in the cellar for 8-10 years.

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