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Champagne Edouard Prétrot

Champagne Edouard Prétrot - La Vallée NV

Champagne Edouard Prétrot - La Vallée NV

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Champagne Edouard Prétrot

La Vallée

100% Pinot Meunier


Dosage 5g/l

12% alc.

30-40% reserve wines
36 months on the yeasts
Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation

And a river flows through it: the Marne. Sinuous, quiet, it crosses the center of the rolling hills, acting as a junction between the northern and southern parts of the champagne vineyards.
Its long route takes you to the villages of Ay, Dizy, Fleury-la-Rivière or even Venteuil. Each of these villages is a piece of the Pretrot puzzle: an immense variety of vine plots that offers a wide possibility of assembly.
Here the dominant grape variety is Meunier. Associated with a clayey-limestone soil, sometimes sandy, it offers roundness and richness to the resulting wines, delicacy and exoticism, between subtle fruitiness and aromatic complexity. A rather rare grape variety throughout the world, which champagne has made famous.

Straw yellow gold with straw yellow reflections.
Fresh, clean and frank with notes of peach and pear.
Acidulous and greedy, a sweetness envelops the mouth and enhances the aromas of pear and biscuit.

Pairing: Interesting as an aperitif, served with a slice of Pata Negra, it will flourish with a chanterelle risotto, a fois gras creme brulée, a truffled brie.

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