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HM Lang

Heidelinde & Markus Lang - Dritter Akt 2020

Heidelinde & Markus Lang - Dritter Akt 2020

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Heidelinde & Markus Lang - Dritter Akt 2020

Grüner Veltliner


10.5% alc.

Riede Steiner Schreck
Krems, Austria

Certified organic and biodynamic, unfiltered

The Dritter Akt comes from the Steiner Schreck vineyard. The site is very steep, the vines are located on small terraces four to five meters deep, characterized by Gföller gneiss and granite. The vines (the roots, not the vines) are 100 years old and are managed according to Demeter certification . They feature an 8-foot-tall wall of foliage. The location is approximately 320 meters above sea level.

The vat is pressed very slowly for two days on a self-designed 100 ton tree press. The pressing process itself is completely reductive, but afterwards the juice has time to darken, so it is deliberately exposed to oxidation.

The juice is fermented spontaneously and matured on the yeasts in large 1,000 liter wooden barrels for two years and bottled unfiltered. During fermentation, Lang adds 3 to 5% destemmed grapes, which ferments intercellularly (as in carbonic maceration ) and then repeatedly restarts the fermentation process despite the constant 9°C in the cellar. Subsequently the wine is minimally sulphured.

Medium straw yellow

The Dritter Akt is the only Grüner Veltliner from HM Lang that is still fully matured in large wood. This is how it should stay and can be felt directly. The aroma changes in favor of slightly warmer and more exotic notes such as young pineapple, fruit with slightly yellow pulp and more yeast and lanolin. Nonetheless, Dritter Akt remains a light, clear, slightly herbaceous and citrusy wine.

Even on the palate, the Dritter Akt differs quite clearly from Fuchs and Dachs as well as from Kalt and Klar, perhaps even more than before. Due to the wood aging, not only the slightly exotic aroma is different, but also the acidic structure, which still creates a clear pressure, but is silkier than the other two Grüner Veltliners. There is also a little more tannin on the palate. Rich in salt, the third act seems hedonistic. It's also a light, clear wine with lots of citrus notes in addition to the aforementioned green pineapple. There is a very successful tension between acidity, minerality, tannins and a charming creamy texture, as offered in the third act. It is still very young, very complex and wants to be preserved a little longer.

Suggested pairings:
- Red mullet with pineapple melon sauce, verjuice and turmeric
- Asparagus pancakes with fried egg
(vegetarian and vegetarian)
- Crab with coriander, ginger, garlic, lime and jaggery

Copyright: Christoph Raffelt

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