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Il Caggio

Il Caggio - IPSUS Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG

Il Caggio - IPSUS Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG

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Il Caggio - IPSUS

Chianti Classico Grand Selection DOCG

2016 / 2018


100% Sangiovese

IPSUS has a distinct personality that reflects its unique terroir, Caggio. Fine, silky tannins combine with red berries, cherries and aromas of blood orange peel. Touches of violet, rose and lavender blend with delicate spices and ground stones.

IPSUS , with its thick texture and long, savory finish, is an intriguing wine. A wine with great aging potential, of great charm, which will not cease to impress you.

IPSUS is a brave wine with a touch of arrogance and the soul of a dreamer.

IPSUS goes beyond the boundaries of Tuscan enology.

The Vineyard

Size: 6.5 hectare enclave
Altitude: 310 to 361 meters
Exposure: southeast to southwest (150°)
Plots: Cantina di Sopra, Cantina di Sotto, Pear tree, Campaccio di Sopra, Campaccio di Sotto, Vegetable garden
Climate: Mediterranean, well ventilated
Soil: clayey schist mixed with calcareous marl with alberese rock skeleton
Vines: selected Sangiovese clones, deriving from half a century of research:
- 4 exclusive Mazzei massal selections
- 3 Chianti Classico selections (2000/1, 2000/5, 2000/7)
- F9, T19
Rootstocks: 110R, 420A, 779P, Kober 5BB

The estate is spread over a total area of ​​9.4 hectares, of which the enclave covers 6.5 and has the perfect characteristics to produce a spectacular Sangiovese.

Il Caggio is located between 310 and 361 meters above sea level, with vineyards around the hillock partially exposed to the south-east (3.3 hectares) and partly to the south-west (6.1 hectares).

The composition of the soils derives mainly from calcareous argillites and marly limestones dating back to the Upper Cretaceous.

Going into detail, it is possible to divide the land into two macro-categories, "Caggio" and "Cantina".

The “Caggio” soils are medium skeletal Cambisols, deriving from calcareous clays. These are deep, drained sounds, with good water availability thanks to the reserves that naturally accumulate in this type of soil.

The areas with "Cantina" soil are Regosols and Cambisols with little limestone and little skeleton, therefore deep or moderately deep loamy clay. They are medium well drained soils with moderate to little water available.

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