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Domaine Cyrot-Buthiau

Domaine Cyrot-Buthiau - Burgundy Chardonnay 2019

Domaine Cyrot-Buthiau - Burgundy Chardonnay 2019

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Burgundy Chardonnay



Grape variety: Chardonnay

This wine is mainly grown on sites at the foot of the slopes but the nature of the soil varies. The soils are whitish or light gray marl and marly limestone, deep and not particularly stony.

Vinification and refinement:
Maturation in stainless steel tanks and Vosges and Allier oak barrels for 12-14 months
Light filtration

Tasting notes:
Light golden color, clear and crystalline, often with greenish reflections.
The Bourgogne Chardonnay from Domaine Cyrot-Buthiau develops nuttiness with hints of honey, butter, ferns, spices and sugared almonds. On the palate it is aromatic, delicate but not light, full without being heavy, unctuous and decisive, dry and caressing, round and quite deep, not excessively structured but persistent.
In the mouth, it has the ability to make opposites allies and this adaptability makes it indispensable in meal planning. Its liveliness makes it a delicate and tasty aperitif while its broad and persistent aromatic spectrum (thanks to the Chardonnay grape) makes it a team player in the kitchen, especially with fish and shellfish. Its native strength allows it to prevail on tart onions and a wide variety of soft and hard cheeses such as Brie, Vacherin, Saint-Nectaire, Mont-d'Or, Beaufort, Comté and all varieties of Gruyère.

Serving temperature: from 11 to 13°C.

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