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Domaine Rossignol-Février

Domaine Rossignol-Février - Volnay "Clos La Cave" 2021

Domaine Rossignol-Février - Volnay "Clos La Cave" 2021

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"Clos La Cave"



100% Pinot Noir

Natural - organic - biodynamic

On the sunny slopes at the western end of the village of Volnay is the vineyard of La Cave. The closest to the city is a field which is called Clos La Cave. Here Rossignol-Fevrier cultivates Pinot Noir, which becomes Burgundy in the classic Volnay style: fine, light and soft with a long aftertaste.

Volnay "Clos la Cave" 2019 has a light to medium color, with floral notes and many red fruits on the nose, which gravitate towards ripe and sweet raspberries. In the mouth, the raspberries are present again, but they are followed by slightly fragrant blueberries and a deliciously juicy taste with a fresh acidity. The aftertaste is long with good minerality which, combined with powerful tannins, balances the juiciness.

The Domaine Rossignol-Fevrier has existed since the 1920s and is today managed by the fifth generation of the family. The winery uses biodynamic principles in the fields and is certified organic. They emphasize authenticity and sustainability in production, which is expressed in wines with finesse and elegance.

The wine should be served at 16-18°.

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