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Enzo Boglietti

Enzo Boglietti - Petillant Naturel BIO NV

Enzo Boglietti - Petillant Naturel BIO NV

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Petillant Naturel

"The Wine of Linda and Matteo"

100% certified organic Nebbiolo

"We are Linda and Matteo Boglietti, two brothers who have always cultivated a passion for wine, also thanks to the guidance of our father Enzo.
In 2020, during the lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, a new curious project was born: an Ancestral Method refermented in the bottle from 100% Nebbiolo grapes.

Ours is a light and lively sparkling rosé wine, like the idea from which it was born, voluntarily in contrast with the distressing and heavy period that was that of the first lockdown.

An epithet that has been referred to the Ancestral Methods is really "boat wine" and we believe that this nickname is perfect to express all the lightness of a carefree wine, born almost as a game: Linda and Matteo's wine!"

Origin: La Morra

Sparkling wine: Natural refermentation in the bottle according to the petillant naturel method

Sensory characteristics: cloudy coral pink, fine and persistent bubble. On the nose fruity and floral sensors, with notes of bread crust. Lively and fresh in the mouth.

Bottles produced: 500

To be drunk Cold (8-10° C)

ABV: 12.5%

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