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Heidelinde & Markus Lang - This is not a Love Song 2020

Heidelinde & Markus Lang - This is not a Love Song 2020

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Heidelinde & Markus Lang - This is not a Love Song 2020



10.5% alc.

Riede Steiner Schreck
Krems, Austria

Certified organic and biodynamic, unfiltered

This Riesling comes from 80-year-old vines in the Steiner Schreck grown according to Demeter certification . The Steiner Schreck is located around 320 meters above sea level and is one of the steepest points in the Kremstal. The subsoil is characterized by Gföller gneiss and granite.

The grapes are pressed very slowly for two days on a self-designed 100 ton tree press. The pressing process itself is completely reductive, but afterwards the juice has time to darken, so it is deliberately exposed to oxidation.

The juice is fermented spontaneously and aged for two and a half years on the whole lees in a 1,000 liter Bordeaux terracotta amphora, which allows micro-oxygenation similar to that of a large wooden barrel. During fermentation, Lang adds 3 to 5% destemmed grapes, which are intercellular (as in carbonic maceration ) ferment and then start the fermentation process again and again despite the constant 9°C in the cellar. Subsequently the wine is lightly sulphured.

Light golden yellow

Similar to the Grüner Veltliner from the cellar, the Riesling should also receive a Burgundy glass so that it can develop well, as young as it is. The nose of This is not a love song... is fine and - typical of the grape variety - a little more floral, juicy and sensual than that of Grüner Veltliner. At first, the Riesling is reminiscent of gooseberries, yellow citrus, Mirabelle plums and herbs, a bit of crushed rock, and has a hint of verbena regardless of the vintage. The scent always remains subtle. Lang's wines are not aromatic daredevils, but wines of consistency and structure.

Exactly this character then reveals itself directly on the palate, where the Riesling from Steiner Schreck has a spicy and salty effect. It is reminiscent of graphite and its consistency resembles the finest sandpaper, as can often be seen in wines that have been matured in amphorae. The fineness of the texture, which also includes a very light tanning agent, develops very differently in the amphora than in wood or even stainless steel. The Riesling is crystal clear and clear, and with quite powerful acidity it is still charming and sensual, which also has something to do with the beautiful notes of flowers, apples and herbs. The youth of the wine can be seen by tasting it for several days, during which it becomes increasingly elegant and silky, without losing its tension and the electrification of its minerality. It is and will remain a truly unique Riesling.

Suggested pairings:
- Millet risotto with yellow beets and fennel flowers
(vegetarian and vegetarian)
- Char fried on the skin with whey, radish and elderflower
- Alpine caviar with potatoes, crème fraîche and wild herb salad

Copyright: Christoph Raffelt

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