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Rizzi - Moscato d'Asti DOCG 2022

Rizzi - Moscato d'Asti DOCG 2022

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Grape variety: Moscato

Produced from proprietary Moscato grapes, it is a jovial, fresh, light and fragrant drink. It has always represented a pleasant departure from the Piedmontese tradition, a unique and universally envied type of wine. It exudes notes of wild flowers and white pulp fruit. The delicate effervescence and balanced sweetness of the taste contribute to making it not only an excellent dessert wine, but also a very suitable companion for cheese-based snacks.

Serving temperature: 6 °C.



manually in boxes, between the end of August and the beginning of September (with possible variations depending on the seasonal climate trend).

Pressing and Fermentation:
after harvesting, the grapes immediately undergo soft pressing. The free-run must is then statically clarified in the cold and kept in cold storage at 0°C. Starting fermentation involves overheating the must from 0°C to 18°C, adding yeasts and conducting it at a temperature ranging from 18°C ​​to 20°C. When the must reaches approximately 5 degrees of alcohol, the primary fermentation is interrupted by refrigeration at -3°C. We then proceed with the filtration and bottling operations.

Altitude : 230 - 430 masl
Exposure : Various.
Soil composition : marly-calcareous with sandy veins. Year of planting : 1964 - 1982 - 1994 - 2015.
Training system : Guyot.

First year of production: 1974

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