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Tenuta Licinia

Tenuta Licinia - Montepolli 2019

Tenuta Licinia - Montepolli 2019

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Tenuta Licinia



75cl and 150cl

Certified organic

Montepolli 2019 represents the first vintage of a new wine. It is a wine produced in the clos style, with the grapes coming from a small vineyard with a specific clayey-limestone subsoil and therefore the wine is only produced in small quantities. The wine produced in Montepolli is built on ideas of consistency and softness to bring forward a wine that has 'material accessibility'. The purpose of the wine is in part to exemplify how structurally satisfactory wines can be produced even in hot climatic conditions.

Montepolli vineyard. Land of 2.5 Ha on clayey-limestone soil at 360 m above sea level with W/SW exposure.

Viticulture is practiced biodynamic and certified organic. The goal is to provide a healthy vine that gives its energy to the formation of complex grapes. The vines are a mixture of spurred cordon and guyot. The yield per vine is extremely low and the production varies from 20 to 35 Hl per hectare.

Montepolli 2019 composed of 47% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Cabernet Franc, 12% Petit Verdot

The vintage
2019 was characterized by a relatively cold May and then again by August. But the final stages of the ripening season were characterized by intense heat and a wide diurnal range. The harvest took place in mid-October.

16 months in second passage French oak tonneaux (500L).


Tasting note
The nose is dense with a ripe strawberry/dried strawberry aroma as well as a hint of balsamic and leather in the background. The strawberry dimension continues on the palate, accompanied by a bitterness of crushed grapefruit peel and winter herbs (rosemary, sage) and a soft clay-classic merlot tannic structure on the finish. In short, a classic consistency with a dimension of Tuscan "amaro" that accompanies the fruit.

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