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Albert Sounit

Albert Sounit - Mercurey "Vieilles Vignes" 2021

Albert Sounit - Mercurey "Vieilles Vignes" 2021

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"Vieilles Vignes"


100% Pinot Noir


The grapes come from 3 parcels, all located on the eastern or southern slope of Mount Montaigu, in the southern part of the Mercurey. The soil is hard limestone with a relatively high clay content, providing ideal conditions for Pinot Noir to produce deep, full-bodied wines with potential for ageing. About 50% of the grapes come from the “En Boussoy” vineyard – facing east, separated only from the 1. Cru “Clos de Montaigus” by carriageways. The soil is calcareous and clayey red and the vines are more than 70 years old. The second parcel is “Le Cray” – an east-facing slope bordering the 1er Cru vineyard “Clos de Paradis”. The vines here are about 45 years old. The third parcel is “Les Vignes Blanches” – a south facing slope with 70 – 80 year old vines. The name refers to the light soil, dominated by limestone.

Aromas and flavors: Intense dark fruit – blackberries, cherries – notes of roasted coffee beans, chocolate and black pepper. Full bodied with a long, fruity finish.
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir
Serving temperature: 15-17°C
Aging potential: Up to 8 years
Pairing: Beef, lamb, game.

All grapes are harvested by hand. Sorting takes place 3 times: the first when the grapes are harvested, the second when the buckets are emptied at the end of the rows and finally at the sorting table. The grapes are destemmed before being transferred to the fermentation vats. We do cold maceration at around 9 degrees for 5-7 days to extract flavor and color with frequent pumping over. Subsequently the temperature is increased which initiates the alcoholic fermentation. We only use natural yeast. During the fermentation, which lasts from 7 to 9 days, we carry out light punching down. After the alcoholic fermentation, we continue the maceration for 2-4 days. After pressing, we mature the wine in French oak for 15 months, of which 50% new and 50% 1 year. Finally the wine is decanted into stainless steel tanks for decantation and is bottled after 3 months without filtration.

Tasting notes and service tips:
The wine is deep and dark in color with a nose of intense dark fruit - cherries, blackberries - and notes of roasted coffee beans, chocolate and black pepper. On the palate it is full-bodied, fruity and complex with very soft tannins. The finish is long and fruity. Serve this wine with meat dishes such as beef or lamb. The wine is particularly suitable for game. Serve at 15 – 17 degrees in large glasses.

Drinking window:
Up to 8 years, and if stored well it can last +10 years.

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