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IPARCELLARI - Sauvignon Piedmont DOC "Parcella 602" 2021

IPARCELLARI - Sauvignon Piedmont DOC "Parcella 602" 2021

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IPARCELLARI - Sauvignon Piedmont DOC Parcel 602



This wine is obtained from the vinification of Sauvignon grapes in a Vinooxygen tank, which is a method created to avoid decanting the wines. So the wine is never moved until it is bottled.
This allows you to maintain the original aromas of the wine and its integrity of body and structure thanks to the absence of contact with oxygen. Vinooxygen is a GREEN technology as it minimizes the use of sulfur dioxide (about 40-50 mg), reduces the use of water and detergents by at least 3 times as the washing of the tanks is done only once against the minimum 3 times in the case of decanting and standard filtrations.

Indigenous yeasts are used.

The grapes harvested in crates remain in the refrigerator for 2 days to lower the temperature of the grapes before pressing and maintain their aromas and characteristics.

Grape variety: Sauvignon 100% (from a selection of grapes within the parcel)
Vineyard: Bricco Sartorino
Location: Portacomaro - Asti - Monferrato - Piedmont
Plot number: 602
Total extension: 1.5 ha
Soil: loamy loam (54% silt, 10% sand, and 36% clay)
High endowment of total limestone 152 g/Kg
Exposure: South-East

Harvest: hand picked in crates
Vinooxygen: 6 months
Number of bottles: about 2400
Service temperature: 10/12 °C

Wine tasting
The wine has a beautiful straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The nose is intensely citrus with hints of pink grapefruit and cedar. Aromatic herbs such as rosemary and thyme. Delicate notes of elderflower.
In the mouth it is crunchy with a great balance between freshness and salinity.
Long and persistent finish.

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